Thursday, November 20, 2014

Four Tips For Healthy Living Culture

Many people crave a healthy lifestyle, but not a few people who misinterpret a healthy lifestyle with many restrictions and the wrong dietary patterns. basically a healthy lifestyle is to maintain activity and lower the risk of lifestyle arrival of diseases due to lifestyle irregular.

To maintain health in general is very easy, but many people are reluctant to healthy lifestyle for several reasons such as lazy and accustomed to instant lifestyle. Okay with it, we have four simple tips to maintain health without medication and risk

Eat Regularly
Now this is important is actually the most important part, so at least we eat carbohydrate staple that's at least 2x a day not to not eat staple foods or snacking Just do not eat it just the same. Took a lot of the nutrients our bodies every day for thinking and activity and nutrition that it needs to be sufficient, so fulfilled so eat at least 2x a day

Sufficient Rest
This section is also important that the body needs a break, you try to imagine a machine works continuously surely there will be side effects, right? Well the side effects it is damaged, faulty want your body ?. So there are two kinds of sleep no sleep quality and sleep quality there, like this little penjelasanya so that quality sleep a sound sleep and a short duration can be comfortable and can also be long, nah sleep quality if it had been sleeping too long but not soundly or night insomnia can not sleep longer continue nah it's worse when you should sleep at night it was at the start time of the night or sekitas at 8, but we generally do not get to sleep hours is not that much? Because of the demands of multiple tasks and work that much, so it is important that we all can sleep quality even if only briefly, but it was enough to rest our bodies

Defecation Regular Every Day
Defecation was also especially important that life-categorized often eat fast food. Why is it important? because that's bowel movements and also create a system ekskeresi if irregular bowel movements will continue to pile up the body of toxins in our bodies. So good that one bowel movement once a day, if that ugly people usually defecate four days and it has been very bad for the body, bad digestion. There are several features of our digestion is ugly, the bad breath. the bad breath when he had to brush my teeth, continue to defecate four days once it is severe enough, plus his stomach swell, and many more signs

Exercise at least 2x a week
exercise is very important for the health of our system of self defense and also that our bodies stay fit so the obligation to exercise 2x a week.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

It may not work out every day?

Of course allowed, then we are rich body of athletes, the athletes know healthy due diligent exercise.

My job is very busy there was no time to exercise !!

Quiet gan we can exercise little like riding a bike to the office, or the road from the bus stop to the office, our minimum motion and sweat jgn sampe ga samsek motion.

Now for the mother-housewife can do sports so ga bored at home and to pass the time at home alone, actually housewives tuh already sport why? They are cleaning the house and it has included sports but there are several other sports such as yoga, what is yoga? You know who somersaults, movements such as cartwheels but actually yoga for stretching, practice concentration, formation of the body, and for slimming why is that? Because yoga is equal to the detoxification yes simplenya if done yoga routine is healthy

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