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You Want to Increase Height, Follow This Ways

A person's height is influenced by several things, one genetic (hereditary), nutrition, and environment. Genetic in this case is the height of both parents. 

Of the nutritional factors necessary course of protein for growth and repair of cells, followed by balanced nutrition from other sources. While the environment in this case means is a sport for blood flow and helps the metabolism to run properly (such as swimming, running, and aerobic).

The formula estimates based on the child's height is tall parents:

Boys = (High Mother + 13) + High Father (in cm) divided into two ± 8.5 cm
Girls = (High Father - 13) + High Mother (in cm) divided into two ± 8.5 cm 

But keep in mind that the addition of height can be done if there is a growth plate in long bones are still open. The plates were open at the time of puberty and will close at the age of 20-21 to close the growth plate tahun.Namun be demonstrated by X-rays in some areas of the bone.

The thing you need to do is keep your nutrient intake enough protein and calcium as well as regular exercise. adult bone compaction process will stop until the age of 35 years. To support optimal growth in the need for bone strength vitamins are vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus. All vitamins are summarized in foods that contain protein. either animal or vegetable protein, as well as elements of green vegetables. examples of animal protein are meat, chicken or fish, shellfish, squid, as well as egg whites. examples of vegetable protein are: tofu and dried legumes such as peanuts, green beans, peas dsb.Tidak necessary supplement in this case if you have enough nutritional needs.

Here are some tips to elevate the body:

Height a person's body contains genetic material from both parents. But it is possible height can be increased though not too much. Factors - factors that can affect a person's Height:
  1. Genetic Genes that affect a person's body is called the high-low HMGA2. Changes in a "letter" in the basic genetic code HMGA2 namely a C (abbreviated with cytosine) will affect a person's height. Someone who only get a C from one of their parents will be higher half a centimeter from which only has T (abbreviated from Thymin). Similarly, if someone has a double C will make them one centimeter higher than having a double T. There are still more genes associated with height. HMGA2 explains only 0.3 percent of the high diversity of humans.
  2. Nutrition Height showed the nutritional quality of the current childhood first. If the nutritional quality of the person is less in childhood first, the people tend to be short in adult life, and vice versa. Highly recommended to consume foods that contain lots of protein and calcium to help bone growth.
  3. Sports It is advisable to exercise that gives the load on the long bones of the foot, such as athletics, joggers, jump rope (skipping), basketball, badminton and other similar sports. In this way, the bone is stimulated to grow a little longer due to the beat of weight. Swimming can also increase a person's height.
Some of the ways that can be done to get the ideal body, among others:
  1. Eat regularly three times a day with balanced nutrition more than usual and plus 2 times snacks (crackers containing cheese and milk, yogurt drinks, fruit juices). Balanced nutrition is a composition containing a daily dish of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals) in the amount and quality in accordance with the needs of the body to be optimally healthy life.
  2. Increase your intake of protein and carbohydrates are good for improving weight loss. Eat more food energy and protein than usual such as bread, rice, tubers, fish, meat, tempe, tofu.
  3. Exercise regularly. A few hours after exercise usually will feel hungry thus increasing the appetite, which is certainly useful to gain weight. Any type of exercise does not need to be difficult or too heavy. Walking for 30 minutes on a regular basis is enough to keep the balance tubuh.Bisa also coupled with exercise is the establishment such as push ups, sit ups, and weights.
  4. Get plenty of rest so that you do not have a lot of energy wasted
  5. Reproduce drink water.

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