Sunday, October 26, 2014

Healthy Tips for owners body Big Size

Health problems is problematic that often provoke anxiety, worry and trouble their minds who have a big body size. Anxiety and worries are well-founded, because the body size plus size often are associated with obesity, and obesity alone in the medical world is believed to be bad for health and lower life expectancy of a person.

Obesity makes the body vulnerable to disease, particularly type 2 diabetes, osteotritis, asthma, heart disease, sleep apnea obstruktid, as well as cancer. They were bodied plus size also require more energy intake to sustain a large body mass and the amount of energy that must be spent than those who were thin, as a result, if the energy intake is less than the amount of energy released, it will be easy the disease to attack body.

For that reason those who was an extra big size it should be in maintaining the health of the body, although it does not mean a person who was a plus-size always sickly.

Here are some tips for you who were big size in order to be healthy and fit, and protected from various diseases:

Choose the Right Sport
As we all know, one of the benefits of exercise to burn fat is to address obesity. However, that does not mean you who were big size can arbitrarily choose the type of exercise, due to a mistake in choosing the type of sport it will harm your soul. For those of you who were a plus size, the best exercise is aerobic, done in stages, ranging from low intensity to high intensity, and done in a certain period. Select the type of aerobics that is not too much of a movement, either using a tool or not. Jogging, cycling, and swimming, as well as type of exercise is good for their big size body.

Expand the Drinking Water
Drink water at least 8 glasses a day is good for health, especially for those who was a plus-size, because they are overweight tend to sweat more than those who were thin. By drinking enough water, the body of the owner of big size will avoid dehydration. In addition, drinking plenty of water also helps the body's metabolism, shed toxins and substances that are not good for the body.

Keep Diet and Well Nourished
One's endurance is heavily influenced by food intake. Create you who were big size, keeping the diet becomes very important because the energy required to sustain the weight of his body mass is much greater than those who were thin, so the nutrients from the food dikonsumsinyapun, of course, should be properly addressed. That is, when going to eat food, carefully consider the nutritional value of the food, as long as you do not make a full stomach.

Healthy Lifestyle
The man who was a plus-size is very prone to heart attacks. In order to avoid this disease, as well as other diseases, budayakanlah healthy lifestyle, with sleep and adequate rest, avoid stress and anxiety, as well as stay away from things that can interfere with the function of organs, such as cigarettes, drinks hardware, as well as drugs.

So a few tips for those who have a big body size in order to be healthy and fit life, as well as avoid the attack of various diseases.

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