Monday, December 29, 2014

Is It True That Hugh Hefner Dies ?? The fans Panic When Hear This Issue

Uh oh yea. A report recently went wild on-line that 88-year-old ‘Playboy’ founder Hugh Hefner received died of natural causes on Dec. 28. Is Hugh really gone for good?

Oh no! Is Hugh Hefner lifeless? A shocking report went viral on-line claiming that the Playboy tycoon had died of natural causes at his home in the Playboy Mansion. Fans of the 88-year-old celeb took to Twitter to sound off on their concerns.

Hugh Hefner Dead? Brand-new Death Hoax Spread On Web

Take a huge sigh involving relief because Hugh is A-ok!

The businessman made sure everyone know that he had been alive and well on 12 ,. 29.

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His wife, Crystal Hefner, also posted images of Hugh on the video night. However, before Hugh’s twitter, fans expressed their worry across Twitter.

It’s easy to discover why fans would be freaking out. A website with the URL “nbctoday. co” posted the account, and it went viral across various social media sites. Many probably assumed that the link was the actual NBC CURRENTLY site.

The site wrote: “Hugh Hefner, President and chief creative officer involving Playboy Enterprises, was found lifeless of natural causes Sunday day at his home, the Playboy Show place, in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Are generally, according to Los Angeles police Jimmy N. Gardner. He had been 88. ”

But Hugh does fine. He was just another victim of the people crazy death hoaxes that are prevalent on social media nowadays. Good to know you’re OKAY, Hef!

Source : Holywood Life

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